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Pupil Committees

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School Council

Our School Council is run by Miss Hildebrandt and meets several times each term to gather ideas about how we can improve the school environment. Two representatives are elected by each year group (Year 1 and above) and representatives serve for one school year.

The Green Team

The Green Team is run by Mrs Jones and consists of three representatives from each class (Year 3 and above). Their aim is to address environmental issues and promote sustainability by ensuring that all members of the school community reduce waste and lowering energy consumption. In March 2017, our Green Team took part in the Great British Spring Clean 2017 by carrying out a litter-pick around the school grounds.

The national Great British Spring Clean Campaign is an initiative launched across the UK in which up to half a million people have been out and about clearing up the places they love as part of a wider campaign to rid the country of litter.

Mrs Millington who coordinated the event said ‘The Great British Spring Clean is about everyone working together to clean up the litter that blights our landscape and communities and we’re delighted to be taking part to tackle an issue that many people care passionately about.’

Junior Safety Officers

We have two Year 6 representatives as Junior Safety Officers, promoting awareness and deliver important road safety messages to the whole school community in a fun and innovative way.  

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