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Letting their light shine!

Bren Bikes and Chester Police visited Hoole CE Primary School on Monday 13th June to support the launch of the school’s “Sport and Healthy Schools Fortnight” event. The team from Bren Bikes held a bike maintenance workshop, showing the children how to fix and maintain their bikes safely and two local PCSO’s from Chester Police carried out bike marking to the pupil bicycles to ensure that they could be returned to them if they were ever lost or stolen.

Miss Howe, Hoole Primary’s Sports Coordinator and Year 5 Teacher said “We are holding the Sports fortnight to promote healthy lifestyles and the importance of exercise and healthy food choices. Having Bren Bikes and Chester Police launch the event was incredibly popular with the children and definitely helped promote the use of bike and scooters for the commute to school rather than travelling by car. We have all sorts of other events coming up during the fortnight, including Sports Day and a charity mile march by our reception children (EYFS) to raise money for the charity, Contact a Family”

Hoole CE Primary’s Sport and Healthy School event runs between 12th and 25th June 2017.

A two-day fundraiser for Ramadan took place at the end of May at the front of school in support of those affected by the tragic event in Manchester and for the people of Syria. Home-made international foods were available to buy from stalls, with all the £468.08 proceeds being donated to the Human Appeal, one of the many UK charities campaigning for support for the people of Syria by providing shelter, sanitation and food. 

Asiya Ahmed, one of the fundraisers, said: “Ramadan began on May 27, where Muslims across the world are observing their fast from Sunrise until sunset. One of the purposes of fasting (sawm) is to focus the mind on the struggles of others and to experience empathy with those in poverty.

“Ramadan is, therefore, also a month of giving and the event’s aim was to bring to pupils the idea of giving and doing good deeds as a life-time practice.”

“Following the Manchester tragedy, as a community we felt it was appropriate to show our support demonstrating solidarity and unity. Charity event led to supporting and fundraising both causes.”

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